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The Foundation for World Harmony is pleased to be the 501C3 supporting The Fantastic Inspirational Rejuvenation Experience – F.I.R.E.

FIRE will offer an experience of a lifetime, a peaceful resort where guests are surrounded by Fantastic people in an idyllic environment. The over 700 Fantastic Ambassadors of Positivity come from all walks of life and they will be an integral part of FIRE by sharing their talents: Doctors, Therapists, Scientists, Healers, Psychics , Teachers, Motivational Speakers, Musicians, Writers, Artists and others will make your time at FIRE an experience that will never be forgotten.

People who visit FIRE will have a wide range of experiences to enjoy: spiritual encounters, motivational seminars, health training, networking meetings, or they can just unwind from their hectic world in an off the grid community surrounded by positive people, knowledge and inspiration.

FIRE will be an experience of a lifetime.

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Investors, donors and those interested in being part of FIRE are encouraged to send an email to or call 888-658-8884 for more info.

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