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The Foundation for World Harmony’s mission is to help fund and support worthwhile missions and charities worldwide.

L. Monte Cook III

Founder The foundation for world harmony

The Foundation for World Harmony (FFWH) was conceived in 1980 when Mr. Cook was producing Ray Charles at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on the occasion of Mr. Charles’ 50th birthday. The FFWH is now a 501C3.

Mr. Cook has developed a movement over the last year called Be Fantastic, it encourages people to be positive, kind, considerate, friendly and civil. ⁰The Corporation behind the movement is Be Fantastic International ( BFI ).

FFWH will produce concerts in order to propel BFI on a global scale.  Some think Mr. Cook is crazy to undertake this mission. but he likes to quote Steve Jobs, “People who are crazy enough to think they can make a difference in the world are the ones that do.”

We welcome any and all to join the movement at www.befantastictoday.com. All advice, help, volunteers and suggestions are always welcome.

L. Monte Cook III

Author, Producer, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and jack of all trades. After it all trying to make the world a better place.

Supporting Charities Worldwide​

The Foundation for World Harmony, a 501C3 charity is proud to support the Be Fantastic Movement. Donations to FFWH are tax deductible and will help support the Be Fantastic mission in encouraging a global community to Pollinate Positivity and Cultivate Civility. 

You can click HERE to donate if you would like to donate and receive Be Fantastic merchandise in appreciation for your support.
All donors can have a hyperlink to their website and be listed on our ‘In Appreciation’ page.

Our Mission

The Foundation for World Harmony’s mission since 1986 is to help fund charities worldwide. We invite you to help and make a change. Read More


We’re trying to purchase the ranch and turn into a retreat, that available to educational excursions for children and other charity functions. Learn More


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