Our First Mission

Be Fantastic International, Corp (BFI) is sourcing and distributing product under the Dr. Fantastic brand, globally. It is producing entertainment as a vehicle to spread its mission globally and earn revenue for its shareholders. A 13 acre horse ranch in Ojai, California is its headquarters and invites people to stay at its Bed and Breakfast, unwind, relax, rejuvenate and become fantastic.

Lester Monta Cook III aka Dr. Fantastic has created a movement called Be Fantastic,  it is designed to create a kinder, more polite, friendly environment in the world. Everyone on the planet is asked a rhetorical question every day of their lives, “How are you?” It used to be a life or death question when it came out during the Black plague. We can’t change the question but by changing the answer to ” I’m Fantastic ” it creates engagement, energy, it makes you feel great, look great and live longer as Fantastic is the only word in answer to that rhetorical question that forces a smile on your face. A smile and laughter reduce stress which makes you live longer. Everyone looks better with a smile.

Dr. Fantastic has created a TED talk around his Be Fantastic movement, has recorded over 1000 YouTube video interviews, 142 podcasts and is on a radio show with International reach. BFI will host motivational seminars and Dr. Fantastic is available to motivate children, companies and others.

BFI has released a smartphone App called Be Fantastic which will carry Dr. Fantastics message, invite followers to its events, sell Fantastic branded product and Fantastic services. The app will invite Fantastic people to meet and network with positive like minded people, it will showcase Fantastic charities, opportunities and more.

The team behind Be Fantastic international are seasoned professionals with a global reach.

BFI will source the best, most successful and healthy products to white label under its brand. Products which will improve the mind, body or planet. The Dr. Fantastic radio show introduces to its audience, people and product that have information or technology that improve the mind, body or planet. He never discusses religion or politics on his shows or speeches.

Dr. Fantastic has introduced his Be Fantastic movement to many thousands of people and everyone agrees being part of this movement will bring a small town mentality to the big greedy, selfish, litigious cities around the world. it will create civility which is needed.

We may not agree on religion or politics but NO ONE can argue that being positive is the way to be. The Bee is our logo represents pollinating positivity, we as a society need to do this and the easiest way to start is by answering that rhetorical question you are going to be asked EVERY day for the rest of your life with “I’M FANTASTIC”.  Even say it when you’re feeling down, sad and lonely because it will make you and the person asking feel better as a smile releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. A smile or a laugh make you live 5 minutes longer.

Marketing Dr. Fantastic branded product will be through our events, the Be Fantastic app, the website www.befantastictoday.com,  our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,  snap chat and others.

Dr. Fantastic will go on a World tour spreading his Be Fantastic movement and of course the brand.

As the popularity of the movement grows so will the Fantastic product and services Be Fantastic International will represent.

1860 plus people from over 40 countries are carrying the Be Fantastic movement forward so far, we are on the ground floor of the movement.

The team behind Be Fantastic International are producing global music events which Be Fantastic international will use to expose its brands on.

Be part of this exciting movement. Be Fantastic.