Our Team

Lester Monte Cook III

Founder The foundation for world harmony

Lester Monte Cook III was born in Beverly Hills, then raised in a beatnik commune in the hills of Healdsburg and after his parents passed away at age 11 was put into a home in middle class America, Canoga Park in the San Fernando Valley. He ran away from his foster home at 17 and hitch hiked through dozens of states and dozens of countries for his education. He graduated from the school of hard knocks summa cum laude in 1972. To date he has worked in 81 different professions, marketing, construction, sales, production and post production to name a few. He has combined the knowledge and experience from those trades, his world travels, being a grand father of ten and having met tens of thousands of people including the richest and the poorest in the world to become what he is today, a philosopher and motivational speaker. He has created two charities, one for Veterans ( www.ilovesos.org ) and one for the world ( www thefoundationforworldharmony.org), his novel Lester's Legacy and script of the same name have been well received in the industry. His movement, Be Fantastic has helped thousands of people to become better people. His mission is this movement is to show people that being kind and civil will make the world a better place and it starts with being Fantastic. 

Anthony L. Anish


Mr. Anish came from the UK in 1979. He had successfully founded and expanded the London-based Anish and Co., Chartered Accountants. After five years, Mr. Anish sold his interest to two junior partners to join as CFO his accounting client, Performance Tire, Ltd. One of Mr. Anish’s first tasks was to set up the operations for the business in the USA and he led an expansion into the U.S. that took sales from $2MM to $28MM over a two year period. He later purchased the company's 9 retail stores, which he later sold to return to his accounting and finance background. As President of AM Capital, Inc. Mr. Anish provided business finance for companies through equipment leasing and asset-based lending from its Orange County office. Mr. Anish currently serves as a principal officer of M Line Holdings, Inc. and Square Chain Corporation, where he is responsible for managing the parent companies and for meeting all the SEC requirements. Prior to joining M-Line he consulted on a number of reverse mergers, provided business finance to private and public companies, and assisted taking a private company public through the full registration process. Mr. Anish, is also the Corporate Secretary for Star Alliance Corporation and is responsible for board minutes and implementing board decisions, advising directors, handling share issuances and transactions, legal requirements, auditors, lawyers, tax advisers, bankers and shareholders on governance issues, and ensuring compliance of relevant laws and regulatory matters. Mr. Anish received his Chartered Accounting degree after articling with Percy Phillips and Co., a London based Chartered Accounting firm.